MyRemoteClinic™ Accelerator Program

Transform from a health and wellness practitioner to a Health Hero™!
Empowering health and wellness practitioners to launch, grow and scale their practice in a remote-first world.

Have you:

  • Seen a reduction in client volume at your clinic?
  • Dreamed of diversifying your income but don’t know how?
  • Been laid off from your job and need to find a new opportunity?
  • Recognizes that patient demands have changed due to COVID-19, and you are now expected to offer virtual or in-home care?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions, then the MyRemoteClinic™ Accelerator Program is for you. It will help you explore new income streams to increase your revenue, and serve your clients outside of a brick-and-mortar clinic.

You already are a knowledgeable and experienced practitioner. The MyRemoteClinic™ Accelerator Program provides you with health business and marketing knowledge, the technology, the community, and the support to attract and keep clients as you build your remote clinic.

Our new program is launching on November 24th 2020!

MyRemoteClinic™ Accelerator

A 5 week health business and marketing educational program to take you from a health and wellness practitioner to a Health Hero™

MyRemoteClinic™ Community

A place for you and your fellow accelerator members to network, support each others and refer clients as you grow your practice

Bonus: MyRemoteClinic™ Software

An easy to use software to build a website and promote your new practice all in one place

Bonus: Health Hero™ Network Membership

After completion of the MyRemoteClinic™ Accelerator Program, get more networking & learning opportunities, ongoing support & business benefits

Your Fast Action Bonus
The FIRST 5 practitioners to enroll in the MyRemoteClinic™ Accelerator Program, starting February 22, 2021, will receive an APPLE iPAD!

MyRemoteClinic™ Accelerator Program

The MyRemoteClinic™ Accelerator Program is a 5 week online health business and marketing educational program. It is designed to help health and wellness professionals diversify their income streams with virtual and in-home care by launching, growing, and scaling their independent practices remotely.

Whether you are an expert in mental health or physical therapy, food and nutrition or primary care, your community needs you more than ever. That’s why we’ve created a program to help you, healthcare and wellness practitioners, become a Health Hero™ in your community.

The Health Hero™ Journey

The MyRemoteClinic™ Accelerator Program is designed to guide you through your journey to becoming a Health Hero™:

1. Put your Health Hero™ cape on:

Adopt a health entrepreneurial and growth mindset

2. Find your ‘client in distress’:

Define who your perfect clients are and where to find them

3. What’s your superpower?

Discover what makes you stand out from other practitioners

4. Unleash your superpower!

Build your roadmap to easily and efficiently market yourself

5. Flex your superpower!

Practice your new Health Hero™ abilities to build trust and loyalty

6. Build your squad of Health Heroes™

Connect with other Health Heroes™ to support each other

Then, you’ll be a Health Hero™, ready to save the world!

Your Program Advisors

Barry Cracower

Rexall Pharmacies

Joe Mapa

Executive Director
Health Management MBA

Jen Gottlieb

Super Connector PR

Pam Prior


Ashley Konson

MBA Professor
Brand Management

Chris Carder

MBA Professor

Marsha Druker

Create Community Podcast

Roshni Wijayasinha

Prosh Marketing

What does a Week in the Program Look Like?

1hr live workshop* + Q&A with guest speaker
1:1 networking with other members to grow your referrals
1hr live workshop* + Q&A with guest speaker
Office hours to help you progress
*All live workshops will be recorded and made available on demand.
Your Personal Success Tracker
To maximize your success and keep you on track, we’ll give you access to your personal success tracker.
As a member of the MyRemoteClinic™ Accelerator Program, you will receive:
  • Access to 2 live workshops every week for the duration of the program
  • Access to the recordings of every live workshops on demand
  • Weekly office hour with business, marketing and tech experts
  • A personal success tracker

The MyRemoteClinic™ Community

The journey to become a Health Hero™ can seem challenging, but it is rewarding, and much easier when you’re not alone!

The Health Hero™ Community provides you with a network of members who want to see you succeed. It also gives you the opportunity to network with other health and wellness practitioners, get support and guidance from business, marketing and tech experts, and gives you opportunities for new client referrals.

As a member of the MyRemoteClinic™ Accelerator Program, you will receive:
Access to a members-only group during the program
Weekly 1:1 matchmaking networking
2 networking and referral events

Bonus: MyRemoteClinic™ Software

The MyRemoteClinic™ Software enables you to launch your website, and integrates with digital marketing tools to make promoting yourself seamless.

As a member of the MyRemoteClinic™ Accelerator Program, you will have access to:

  • The software to launch your website
  • The guidance of experienced professionals
  • A 12 month hosting package

Bonus: The Health Heroes™ Network Membership

As a member of the MyRemoteClinic™ Accelerator Program, after completing the 5 week program, you will receive access to our Health Heroes™ Network Membership for 12 months. This will provide you with ongoing community support, more learning, networking and new client referral opportunities.

With this membership you’ll get access to:

  • Program alumni networking events
  • Health business workshops
  • Access to the Health Heroes™ Network group
  • Open office hours
  • Business benefits such as accounting services, insurance, and more!
You’re ready to become your own boss, control your schedule and keep 100% of your income! Join our next MyRemoteClinic™ Accelerator Program starting February 22, 2021.

Know someone who would benefit from the MyRemoteClinic™ Accelerator Program?

With the MyRemoteClinic™ “200/200” Referral Program, you receive $200 cash for each person who sign up to the MyRemoteClinic™ Accelerator Program you refer. And the person you refer receives $200 off the MyRemoteClinic™ Accelerator Program.

Why Providers are Joining MyRemoteClinic™

“I’ve been a Dietitian for 10 years and am passionate about helping Canadians eat and live better. I want to build a network of health and wellness professionals to refer to each other and bring new clients. I’m excited to learn from industry leaders, which will help me create my brand and develop client programs”

Dahlia H.Dietitian

“I joined this program because I want to learn how I can market myself in order to grow my private practice. I also want to become a part of a community where I can collaborate with other healthcare practitioners.”

Risa RSocial Worker

“I trust RemoteClinic and found their program offering to be something unique and timely. I’ve been trying to grow my client base and believe this is a key way to do so. Plus, I’ve wanted to be part of their member network!”

Shaneh-Abbas J.Personal Trainer

Do you want to learn more about the MyRemoteClinic™ Accelerator Program, and whether this program is right for you?