Infected Village – Wasteland 2 Guide


Infected Village – Wasteland 2 Guide

The Infected Village is a small area taken over by the Pods that originated from the AG Center. The Rangers are directed there by Ranger commander when they

Wasteland 2 – Let’s Play Part 30 Infected Pump S. – Series 5 [Ranger Difficulty]

Wasteland 2 – Let’s Play Part 30 Infected Pump Station
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Title: Wasteland 2
Developer: inXile Entertainment
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About Wasteland 2:

Wasteland 2 is Post Apocalyptic, Tactical Role-Playing Game from inXile Entertainment. A sequel to the classic RPG Wasteland [a 1988 post-apocalyptic computer role-playing game] which was the predecessor of the more widely known Fallout series. In Wasteland 2 you control a group of four Desert Rangers and up to three Non-Player Characters. The game pits you against the hard wastes from the onset; you will have to use your wits, brawn, smack talking and well explosives to make your way through.

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Wasteland 2 Livestream: Infected Village :: 1.016

Having arrived at the Infected Village, the team sets about taking care of business.

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Welcome back to the Citadel, Rangers! The Wasteland’s hellish landscape has been waiting for you to make your mark… or die trying.

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Easy Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut Gameplay Tutorial 39 Infected Village

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