Is Starting a Remote Clinic Right for You?

The world and how healthcare is practiced have changed dramatically in 2020, people are embracing going remote in every area of their lives, including in the health and wellness industry where launching a remote clinic might be the easiest way to adapt and thrive. 

Did you know that according to Regus Canada, almost 50% of employees are working remotely in Canada; and Stanford News reported in its article on the new work-from-home economy that 42% of employees in the U.S. do so too. This translates into the emergence of new business models to reflect our habits’ evolution, and in this context, going remote with your practice makes sense. 


Employees working remotely in Canada


Employees working remotely in U.S.A.

But you might be wondering, how do I know if it’s the right move for me?
We are going to help you answer that question in this article.
But you might be wondering, how do I know if it’s the right move for me? We are going to help you answer that question in this article.

Why should you start a remote clinic?

Due to clinics laying off practitioners and/or reducing their hours, and with patient reticence to travel to a clinic or spend time in a waiting room, you probably are looking for new ways to provide care and generate income.

The good news is, we have the technology to stay connected, and with a little bit of creative thinking, you could be in the perfect position to launch your own remote clinic, and create opportunities for yourself to break from the brick and mortar clinic rat race.

Take a moment to imagine what it would feel like to:
  • not have to work at one, two, or even three clinics to make a full time income,
  • not have to share your profits with a clinic,
  • have the freedom to be your own boss,
  • decide when you wish to see clients,
  • be able to work from anywhere,
  • not waste your time, energy and money on commuting back and forth,
  • be able to create deep connections with your clients, rather than having them pass through as another number during your busy workday.
If that sounds appealing, launching a remote clinic could just be the best decision you make!

What type of services can you offer with a remote clinic?

It might seem challenging to envision what a remote clinic would look like, you may think that you’ll be limited with your options, especially if caring for your clients involves manual treatment.

But going remote doesn’t necessarily mean not seeing your clients in person at all. And it can be an opportunity to become closer and more accessible to your patients, to deepen your knowledge of their medical and wellness history. You have the opportunity to shift from a business model where you spend most of your time fixing issues, to one where you can focus on preventing those issues, ensuring that your clients stay in good health.

By launching a remote clinic, you can serve your clients by:

Offering 1:1 and group virtual care services via Zoom, Facetime, Google Meet, or over the phone

Creating online courses and coaching programs on the most frequently asked questions you get from your clients

Offering house calls, or becoming a mobile RMT or Chiropractor

If you have the space and want to make the investment, you could also have clients come to you by creating a home office

You can also partner with other health and wellness practitioners who complement your services to reach more people or create holistic programs, and/or develop partnership with businesses who want to offer perks to their employees

If you would like to learn more about the above options, we’ve got you covered with a free webinar that will show you 5 easy ways to diversify or complement your income with remote care.

During this webinar, we will show you how you can increase your income, serve your clients and achieve more freedom and flexibility with virtual care and alternative in person care, with no – or low – overhead costs and without a marketing budget.

How much does it cost to launch a remote clinic?

Setting up a remote clinic is cost effective, and you most likely already have the important equipment you’ll need to get started: a computer, a phone and an internet connection.

Then depending on what you are going to create you might need to invest in:

  • Domain name and hosting for a website
  • Practice management software to organize your clients, your appointments and collect payment
  • Software supporting you in promoting your practice: to send email newsletters to your clients and prospects, to edit photos and videos, to schedule your content for social media…
  • Subscription to a platform to host an online course
  • Proper light, microphone and camera to improve the experience and quality of your video appointments, and if you are planning on doing video recordings
  • Other equipments you might need in your work with your clients
  • Home office set-up
  • Materials and PPE to bring on your house calls
In addition to the start-up costs, you may be wondering what other steps there are to launching a remote clinic. To learn more, check out our article: “How to Launch a Remote Clinic in 5 Easy Steps.”
What’s holding you back?
It’s time for you to jump ahead of the curve with remote health and wellness services!

But, do you feel like striking out on your own is daunting? That a step-by-step framework delivered by business and marketing experts and the support of a community of your peers could make a huge difference and help you make the jump?

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