Wonderland – Kingdom Hearts Guide

Wonderland – Kingdom Hearts Guide

Walkthrough –

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Speedrunning TUTORIAL!!! (Beginner Mode Any%)


Dive to Heart: 5:32
Destiny Islands: 18:32
Traverse Town 1: 35:46
Wonderland: 47:57
Deep Jungle: 1:04:30
Traverse Town 2: 1:28:07
Agrabah: 1:41:58
Monstro: 2:04:50
Halloween Town: 2:14:34
Neverland: 2:37:25
Traverse Town 3: 2:50:53
Hollow Bastion 1: 2:56:48
Traverse Town 4: 3:23:44
Hollow Bastion 2: 3:26:54
End of the World: 3:40:40
Final Battles: 3:56:24

Wonderland – [4] – Kingdom Hearts (PS2)

Next stop is in Wonderland.

Intro to Wonderland: 3:35
Meeting the Queen: 8:30 (Cutscene)
Gameplay resumes: 10:40

I do get stuck at one point because I simply forgot how to shrink myself. XD

Boss Battle: 57:10 [Trickster]
Sealing the First Lock: 1:03:40 (Cutscene)

Kingdom Hearts HD -1.5 ReMIX- English – Kingdom Hearts Final Mix – Part 4 – Wonderland – Cards and Tower / Trickmaster

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Going to Wonderland now. I made my gummi ship like that because the less stuff you have on it, the faster it goes. Now it’s time to find the culprit to help Alice get away. Also, you don’t need to get all of the evidence, but if you just get one, when you present the evidence and you need to pick one, the first box that falls is the one with the Heartless.

Also facing against the Trickmaster. Can be annoying and tedious, but nothing to push over for.

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Played by me
Recorded using Elgato Game Capture HD